Research Institute

Hyo-Jong Research Institute

Hyo : 曉 (Dawn), Jong : 鐘 (Bell)
Opening a new era by ringing the bell

Since the foundation, Chong Kun Dang has been pursuing a disease-free society by developing excellent medicines. Cognizant of the importance of drug discovery, Chong Kun Dang was the first in Korea to run its own research institute; it also invested a huge portion of its resources in nurturing and training research manpower.

Chong Kun Dang Research Institute is characterized by three independent laboratories: 
The New Drug Discovery Labs, for identifying innovative drug candidates, The Technology Development Labs, dedicated to generic drugs, APIs, and botanical drugs, and the Bio Research Labs for developing antibodies, vaccines, and recombinant proteins. 

Chong Kun Dang was able to stand as one of the top local pharmaceutical companies with
distinguished achievements in drug development including the following:

- Two new drugs, Duvie (type II diabetes) and Camtobell (cancer), were developed successfully.

- CKD-732 (Beloranib), which was developed by Chong Kun Dang and licensed out to an US-based specialty pharma Zafgen, is now in development for Prader-Willi syndrome (P III) and severe obesity (P II) in the US and EU.

- CKD-11101, a biosimilar product to treat anemia is successfully in phase III clinical trial.

R&D Investment

Chong Kun Dang strives to develop innovative new drugs by investing a significant amount of R&D expenditure, spending 13.3% of net sales in 2014.
In order to accomplish our vision, Chong Kun Dang continuously increases R&D investment with 21% of annual growth of since 2009.

R&D Vision & Strategy

R&D Expenditure


Chong Kun Dang Research Institute (Hyojong)


315-20, Dongbaekjukjeon-daero, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
(Zip Code) 16995






[By Subway]
Yongin Ever-Line Dongbaek Station exit 3 – Walking about 300m

[By Car]
From Seoul 
Kyeongbu Expressway > Suwon-Singal IC > Suwon-Singal TG crossroad (Right turn)
> Singal five-way intersection > Giheung Station crossroad > Eojeong three-way
intersection (Left turn) > Lake-park three-way intersection (Right turn) >
Eoeunmok crossroad > Chong Kun Dang Research Institute