Manufacturing Facility

Cheon-An plant located in Cheon-An City, ChungCheongNam Do with area of 13,700 and gross floor area of 5,000 is a high-tech manufacturing site where the process of dispensing raw materials, production, packaging and release of finished products is controlled by automated warehousing system.

Cheon-An plant established aspects of global pharmaceutical production facility through completion of separated cephalosporin and penicillin plants with level of cGMP in 2013, and certified the GMP (Good manufacturing practice) compliance through inspections of several domestic and foreign regulatory authorities. Also, the plant has maximized the operating efficiency successively starting with establishment of SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in 2010, QMS (Quality Management System) and LIMS (Laboratory Information System) for efficient substantial manufacturing control and quality assurance. 
Cheon-An plant with high-tech production facility, excellent manufacturing and testing equipment and optimized manufacturing environment is steadily evolving today through continued securing of human resources and facility investment, and plays a pivotal role as a production base to realize value and vision of global Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corp.


 Automatic warehouse

The warehouse establishes unmanned transport system for entire logistical flows such as material dispensing, manufacturing, packaging and warehousing of finished products by using LGV and RGV, and supplies the medicinal product to hospitals, pharmacies, general practitioners and so on through digital picking system.

 QC Laboratory

Quality control team determines conformity of raw materials, packaging materials and finished products to established specifications after testing, and controls the quality so that customer take safe medicinal products.
The laboratory conducts accurate test and contributes to GMP compliance and development based on quality talent and advanced analysis equipment.

 Manufacture of over the counter and prescription drug

The process from materials to manufacture finished product is controlled in compliance with GMP through advanced automation equipment and verified process control.


Chong Kun Dang Cheon-An Plant


797-48, Manghyang-ro, Seonggeo-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea






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Gyeongbu Highway > Cheonan I.C > Dankook Univ. Samgeori > Dankook Medical College 
> Seonggeo-eup Crossroads > Cheongho APT > Chong Kun Dang 

From Incheon of Ansan
Seohaean Highway > Seopyeongtak I.C > Anjung > Pyeongtak(Hapjeong) Crossroads
> Seonghwan Crossroads > Namseoul Univ. > Ipjang > Chong Kun Dang

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Gyeongbu Highway > Cheonan I.C > Dankook Univ. Samgeori > Dankook Medical College
> Seonggeo-eup Crossroads > Cheongho APT > Chong Kun Dang

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Yuseong I.C > Gongju-si > Cheonan-Nonsan National Highway > Cheonan Samgeori >
Cheonan I.C > Dankook Univ. Samgeori > Dankook Medical College > 
Seonggeo-eup Crossroads > Chungho APT > Chong Kun Dang